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Daily Devotions

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November 27 - December 2

Monday: Read Daniel 1:8-21
How should followers of Christ live differently from the world due to our
faith? What practices or habits do you have that
demonstrate your beliefs to others?
Tuesday: Read Esther 3
When have you chosen to obey God over earthly authorities? What did
it cost you? What did you gain?
Wednesday: Read Psalm 55
Have you ever been betrayed by a friend? How did God provide comfort
to you in that situation?
Thursday: Read Judges 3:1-8
What happens when we, as individuals and as a community, forget that
the Lord is your God and follow the ways of the world instead?
Friday: Read 1 Kings 11:1-13
Biblical tradition considers Solomon the wisest man to ever live, and yet
he was led astray by his foreign wives. How might you be relying on
your own abilities to keep you safe instead of God?
Saturday: Read Matthew 4:1-11
When Satan tried to tempt Jesus, Jesus responded by quoting
Scripture. How does the Word of God help you resist temptation?

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