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Daily Devotions

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Daily Devotions

Follow along with our daily readings and reflection questions to connect with God individually or as a family throughout the season of Lent.

Life Group Text: Mark 1:16-20       Psalm of the Week: Psalm 6       

Monday: Read Mark 1:21-34

Early in his ministry, Jesus performed many healings, both physically and spiritually. How would this have enhanced his teaching? How might it have distracted people from it?


Tuesday: Read Mark 1:35-39

Despite being the Son of God, Jesus still took time to pray. Why might that have been? What role does prayer play in your life?


Wednesday: Read Mark 1:40-45

Why do you think the man approached Jesus by saying, “If you want…”? How do you present your requests to God?


Thursday: Read Mark 2:1-12

Jesus responded to the faith of the friends. What is an action you can take this week to use your faith to help someone?


Friday: Read Mark 2:23-28

What does it mean that the Sabbath was made for people? How do you practice Sabbath?


Saturday: Read Mark 3:1-6

Sabbath is often associated with resting and not doing anything, but Jesus suggests that not doing anything can actually be a form of doing evil. How can we balance Sabbath rest with actively working for the good of others?

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