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Daily Devotions

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Daily Devotions

Follow along with our daily readings and reflection questions to connect with God individually or as a family throughout this sermon series.

Monday: Read Romans 8:26-30
How have you felt the Spirit interceding on your behalf? How has God used your experiences – good and bad – to conform you into the image of Christ?
Tuesday: Read Psalm 65
This psalm shifts from praising God for forgiving our sins to praising God for caring for creation. What connection do you see between God as Creator and God as Savior?
Wednesday: Read Romans 10:1-4
Paul says the Israelites are zealous for God, but their zeal is based on the wrong thing. Are there times when Christians today might also be guilty of having misplaced zeal?
Thursday: Read Romans 10:5-13
What are the requirements to be saved according to these verses? How do they compare to your own understanding of what is required for salvation?
Friday: Read Romans 14:1-12
How can we apply these verses to some of the modern-day controversies in Christianity?
Saturday: Read Romans 15:5-13
What does it mean to accept others just as Christ accepted you? When does that come easily for you? When is it difficult?

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