Inviting people to be in relationship with Jesus and each other so that lives and communities are changed.


  • We believe all of Scripture is God-breathed – written down by His faithful servants.

  • We believe in one true God, who exists as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • We recognize Jesus Christ as the head of the Church.

  • We believe the Church is the continuation and extension of the ministry of Christ.  It is made up of all people who desire to journey with Christ and be a part of His ministry.


LUMC is a 160+ year old congregation with a 21st century outlook. The church is located in Lithopolis, a small, friendly village, yet near the conveniences of Columbus, Ohio. The beautiful, historic original 1887 building has been complemented through the years with several additions, most recently being our Student Ministry Center.

Sunday Worship Times


9:00 Traditional

9:30 Micro Worship

10:30 Contemporary

PO Box 42, 80 N. Market St

Lithopolis, OH 43136

(614) 837-2230      -     office@lithopolisumc.org

Office Hours - M-F:  Closed at this time

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