Updated 5/14/2021

In the past 24 hours, Governor Mike DeWine has announced that most of the state mandates related to Covid-19 (including mask wearing) will be lifted on June 2 and the CDC has released a statement saying that fully vaccinated people can go without masks in "most places." This is undoubtedly a major turning point in our long pandemic journey. We welcome this as good news! 


In light of these recent announcements, the staff at LUMC will be re-evaluating our pandemic guidelines and procedures. I assure you that changes are coming! However, until the mask mandate is fully lifted in the state of Ohio, we will still be asking everyone in attendance on Sunday mornings to continue wearing masks. In Romans 13, the Apostle Paul writes: "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities." While biblical exceptions are made in times when the laws of the state impose upon the commands of Christ, this is not such a situation. 


I am just as ready as everyone else to get rid of the masks. That day is coming soon. Let us stay the course and finish the race with perseverance. The light at the end of the tunnel is surely getting brighter now. For that, we give thanks to God!


In Christ's Love,

Alex & the staff at LUMC