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21 Days of Prayer
Interactive Family Prayer Guide

Outward (Week of January 14)

Day 15 (Monday): Read Mark 10:46-52
Ask your family and friends how you can pray for them.
Write their requests down and pray for them each day this week.

Day 16 (Tuesday): Read Deuteronomy 9:25-29
What are some bad decisions your friends have made? How might you help them make better choices? Pray to God about your friends.

Day 17 (Wednesday): Read Luke 23:34
What does forgiveness mean? Why is it sometimes hard to forgive people? Ask God to forgive those people and to help you to forgive them also.

Day 18 (Thursday): Read 2 Kings 19:14-20
Talk about some of the problems in the world today, in our city or around the world. Write down one and lift it to God in prayer.

Day 19 (Friday): Read Acts 1:21-26
Make a list of the things that make a good leader. Pray for the leaders in our church, that God give them the necessary knowledge and skills.

Day 20 (Saturday): Read Psalm 67
What are blessings? How has God blessed you? How can you bless others? Pray for God’s blessing over all people—our church, our community, our country and the world.


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