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Live music, live sermons, and kids' programming at each service!

Sundays 9:00am and 10:30am


Community Dinner

January 15th

Bring your family, friends, and appetite to our next Community Dinner – January 15th from 6-7pm.  Our amazing team of volunteers will be making chili, hot dogs, cornbread, fresh veggies, and banana cream pie.  

Looking for a way to connect and serve with us?  We'd love for you to join our team of volunteers next week - you're guaranteed fun AND a free meal! 

An Open Seat

January 9th 

An Open Seat will begin on Thursday,  January 23rd at 6:30pm.  (We won’t be meeting on January 16th.)  This group is designed as an on-going gathering that feels both like a study group and a life group.  Everyone is welcome to join us for an entire study or just for specific topics that sound interesting.  We hope you’ll join us! 


Our first study will be “The Daniel Plan – 40 days to a healthier life” by Rick Warren.  Over the course of 6 weeks, starting January 23rd, we’ll discuss what it means to be healthy in the areas of faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.  Use your Connection Card to sign up for a book!


1/9:  The Daniel Plan – 40 days to a healthier life, intro


1/23:  The Daniel Plan – Faith:  Nurturing Your Soul

1/30:  The Daniel Plan – Food:  Enjoying God’s Abundance

2/7:  The Daniel Plan – Fitness:  Strengthening Your Body


2/20:  The Daniel Plan – Focus:  Renewing Your Mind

2/27:  The Daniel Plan – Friends:  Encouraging Each Other

3/5:  The Daniel Plan – Living the Lifestyle


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Children ages birth-4th grade have a lot to look forward to on Sundays!  We have a wonderful team of staff and volunteers here to share Jesus with our youngest worshippers.



Students in 5th-12th grade have opportunities throughout the week for age specific discipleship.  

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Take your next step from attending to belonging. No matter where you are at in your journey there is always a next step. Click the button to take that step and learn more about how you can belong.


As we look to 2020, what are you hoping for?  Asking that might be a good way to begin the year and our Wellness Series is meant to help.  For the coming three Sundays, Alex and I will be talking about Wellness in three ways.  I'll begin this Sunday with Spiritual Wellness and then Financial Wellness on the 12th.  On the 19th, Alex will bring a message about Physical Wellness.  For each of these Sundays, we'll have opportunities to respond by taking a step along life's journey in 2020.  Spiritual growth can happen for all of us as we discover in a personal way that even as we are seeking God, God also is seeking us!  That's the good news of our Christian faith and it makes a difference in all our lives.  It is God's delight to be with us in all the ups and downs of our every days.  Plan on being here on this 3 Sunday series as the new year begins.  Let it be a year of hope!

Our Mission...

Inviting people to be in relationship with Jesus and each other so that lives and communities are changed.


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