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Conflict happens – at home, in the workplace, even in the church.  As a denomination, we are in the throes of conflict right now.  The Bible teaches us that how we handle conflict matters.  For 4 weeks, starting on September 18, we will be exploring a particular conflict in the early church (eating food sacrificed to idols) and what the writings of the New Testament teach us about how the church handled the intense emotions, convictions, and opinions that threatened to tear it apart.  In addition to the sermons on Sunday mornings, we will also be providing resources for further engagement and personal growth.

Small Group Study Guide 

We have several options for Life Groups to join for this study:

  • Seekers: Chapel, Sunday @ 10AM

  • Faithful Life Group: Chapel, Tuesday @ 6:30PM

  • Miller Life Group: Living Room, Wednesday 10AM

  • David’s Disciples: Living Room, Wednesday @ 7PM


Dig deeper into the Scripture reading from Sunday with questions for small group conversations – with your family at home, with friends at a coffee shop, or with a Life Group here at LUMC.


Personal Devotional

A Bible reading and short written reflection, including a prayer emphasis for each week.  Please consider something you might fast from (a meal, a TV show, etc.) one day each week in order to spend time with God using this devotional as a guide for reflection and prayer.