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Lenten Devotions

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Daily Lenten Devotions

Follow along with our daily readings and reflection questions to connect with God individually or as a family throughout the Lenten season.

March 27 - April 1

Monday: Read Matthew 24:1-14

Jesus warned the disciples not to be led astray by false teachings. How do you discern whether something is from God or not? How do you stand firm in your faith?


Tuesday: Read Matthew 24:15-29

These verses continue Jesus’ teaching from yesterday. Who are some of the “false Christs” in our own day? How do you keep your focus on Jesus instead?


Wednesday: Read Psalm 122

Jerusalem was the center of worship for the Israelites, the place where heaven and earth met. How does our church fulfill that role today? Say a prayer for our church leaders and congregation.


Thursday: Read Matthew 24:30-35

Every spring, the trees bud and the flowers bloom – an annual reminder that life triumphs over death. Spend a few minutes in nature today and say a prayer of thanksgiving that “[Christ’s] words will never pass away.”


Friday: Read Matthew 24:36-44

Many people have tried to “read the signs” to determine when Jesus will return, but Jesus makes clear that only God knows when that will be. How can you live your life in faithful expectation of his return?


Saturday: Read Matthew 24:45-51

What type of servant are you for the Lord? Are you faithful and wise, taking proper care of all that God has entrusted you with? How can you make sure you don’t become like the wicked servant?

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