At Lithopolis United Methodist Church (LUMC), we are:
Centered on Christ and the Scripture
  • LUMC recognizes Jesus Christ as the head of the Church
  • LUMC’s foundations for governance are the authority of Scripture, the LUMC Guiding Principles, and the United Methodist Church Book of Discipline.
  • LUMC makes decisions based upon the principles of Scripture and the guidance of earnest, constant and expectant prayer.
  • LUMC‘s goal is to be intentional about offering a Discipleship Pathway (link) for all. The purpose is to help us grow in our relationship with Christ.
  • LUMC sees corporate worship as a vital ministry which can take many forms. It includes music, prayer, and Bible teaching; the methods may vary, but the message does not.
  • LUMC encourages and embraces innovation in worship and ministries. We willingly take risks in pursuing the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all.
  • See our current year Ministry Initiatives (link).