Safe Sanctuaries
This page provides info related to Safe Sanctuaries at LUMC.
You will find:
A) List of forms to view / print
B) Video of presentation
C) Electronic option of Response Form
You will find helpful information in the
Just click to view this and then follow what to do.
Info is there for new helpers and for renewal.


You can complete paper Response Form or use this one.
Response Form for
Safe Sanctuaries

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1) Stop presentation at appropriate time and review "Signs of Child Abuse." This is handout on website to be viewed and/or printed. Please pick just one example and write it down here.

2) Regardless of the size of the group,

must be present.

This may include the presence of an adult 'roamer" who moves in and out of rooms and ministry areas.
At LUMC we call this person our

3) Who are the mandatory reporters of abuse?

4) Small injuries will be verbally reported to the parent and age appropriate coordinator.
If the injury is more serious an

will be completed.

I have completed my review of the LUMC Safe Sanctuaries presentation.
This form has my responses.
A question I may have is listed below.


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