2017 Leadership Board and Sub-teams
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Leadership Board
Chairperson: Eric Anderson
Treasurer: Amy Bratton
Senior Staff: Carl Spencer, Alex Feldman
Senior Pastor: Charles Martindell
At-large Members:
Mike Smith, Matt Bratton, Terri Colbert,
Carie Ehrenborg, Brian Hertlein, Bonnie Sallee,
John Fetherolf, Charlie Kennedy, Doug Osborn,
Aaron Farley, Michael Whetston, Gail Murry
Angie Rickly
HR sub-team:
Chair: Mike Smith
Senior Pastor, Charles Martindell
3 at large members:
Matt Bratton, Terri Colbert, Carie Ehrenborg
Finance sub-team:
Chair: Brian Hertlein
Treasurer, Amy Bratton
2 at large members:
Bonnie Sallee, John Fetherolf
Administrative Pastor, Carl Spencer
Facilities sub-team:
Chair: Charlie Kennedy
3 at large members:
Doug Osborn, Aaron Farley, Michael Whetstone 
Associate Pastor, Alex Feldman
Nominations sub-team:
Chair: Senior Pastor, Charles Martindell
Leadership Board Chairperson, Eric Anderson
2 at-large members:
Gail Murry, Angie Rickly
Marlys Fergus will attend Leadership Board meetings as a “non-voting keeper of minutes.”
Additional Staff & Ministry Leaders:
Children & Family Ministries Coordinator, Kris Creviston
Youth & Family Ministries Coordinator, Christina Hess
Groups & Connections Coordinator, Position Open
Finance Secretary, Bonnie Sallee
Lay Leader, Gail Murry
Lay Members to Annual Conference: David Smith, Carl Spencer, Kathy Spencer
Membership Secretary, Diane Price
Office Administrator, Shelly Horn
UMW President, Dianne Myers
Practice Area Leaders:
Genuine Hospitality, Mike Smith & George Tootle
Passionate Worship, Charles Martindell
Intentional Faith Development, Alex Feldman
Risk-Taking Mission & Service, Jennifer Loeffler
Extravagant Generosity, Steve Murry
Compassionate Care, Kathy Spencer
Are you interested in Leadership Board involvement?
You can also talk with our Senior Pastor, Charles Martindell.