Discipleship Pathway

The Pathway to Discipleship: What does it mean to truly be a disciple of Jesus? It means that our whole lifestyle is lived in response to Jesus our Lord. It means taking Christ and putting Him into our life, in all aspects and at every stage. At LUMC, we continually consider how what we do relates to our mission: “inviting people to be in relationship with Jesus and each other so lives and communities are changed.”

One of the things we often say at LUMC is that “God meets us where we are.” This is God’s Prevenient Grace that makes us curious about a relationship with Jesus, which causes a spiritual hunger that leads us to check things out at Church. We might begin to attend Sunday worship. We might accept an invitation to join for a service (volunteer) project. We might have a friend who includes us in an invitation to their Small Group study. We are listening and considering; pondering about how what we’ve been curious about is also what this church is about.

Getting Started:
We consider we are connected to LUMC in some ways. If someone were to ask if we “have a church of our own”, we’d say yes. We’ve met some people and might sign up for a small group study or attend INSIDE LUMC (offered periodically throughout the year) to learn more about what this church is all about. Being present for one of the weekly worship services is becoming an important ordering of our lives that helps us begin to be spiritually transformed.

Going Deeper:
God’s grace meets us where we are, but God’s love continues to re-make us into the likeness of Christ. As we begin to go deeper, we sense that something spiritual is happening in our own lives. In some ways we would describe ourselves as growing and becoming more spirit-filled as in the “fruit of the Spirit” (IE: Love, joy, patience…). Our heartfelt regard for the needs of others opens our eyes to how we can give, serve, pray for the ones we understand and accept in the same ways that we are feeling accepted by God through Jesus. We might decide to sign up for a New Members Study group (a 2 to 3 week experience) and maybe even take the step of membership. We might also join a New Members group and take the step of connection to Christ through the church although without formal membership.

One of the actions of God’s grace is referred to as Sanctifying Grace. This is the grace that continues to change us from the inside to the outside. It is the action of God on our behalf, but we have a part in it too. Being open to God’s transformational love means we continue to point our attention toward God. Small groups, various studies, personal devotions and prayer are some of the ways we remain open to God’s grace. Becoming aware of the Spiritual gifts and abilities God has given each of us can be part of centering our whole lives on Christ. Considering ways to serve often calls us out of our comfort zones. Perhaps a connection to a Mission project or even a hands-on Mission trip becomes part of our response to God.

Worshiping with the church at one of the weekly worship services continues to be a key for ordering our lives and centering our hearts and lives in Christ.