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BREEZE is our electronic church information program. ONLY LUMC KNOWN PEOPLE with a secure log in can access Breeze.

The Breeze secure login is accessible as a part of the church app AND/OR as part of our public website (tab on right side). You will find a form there you can use to request an option to login.

Breeze is used by staff for: our people data base, communication with groups, calendaring of events, facility & room use management, and by our financial secretaries for confidential contribution accounting.

Breeze is also our “online directory” available for people to connect with each other for contact info. Only people who have given the OK to be in the “online directory” will be view-able. You can place a check mark on the front of the Connection Card to give your OK.

A similar online program has been used since 2010.

We have been using a church information program since 2001.
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People KNOWN to LUMC and with an email address in the LUMC system can request to receive login info.
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