Breeze Pic Info
We are working together in helping to update our Breeze system with pictures and info. Please remember, this is only accessible to individuals with a secure log in.
Most people using the system have access that we call Basic Breeze and only see people who have given their permission to be in the Breeze directory.
You know those “selfies” people love to take.
Now you have a use for the one you really like.
You have choices for updates:
1) Using the log in for Breeze you already have, you can log in using your computer or mobile device to update your picture and info
2) You can stop by the Connection Center to get an updated picture taken
3) If you have a picture you like on your computer or phone, you can email it to Steve Stanford, our Groups & Connections Coordinator using this email address:
4) Also, if you need a Breeze log in you can get one by going to the LUMC website to request your own log in. Click on the far right “tab,” click “Breeze Info,” and then complete form.
Looking forward to seeing your lovely pictures as we work together in ministry inviting people to be in relationship with Jesus and each other so lives and communities are changed!!